About us

Brief bios from the members of the band.

Information Technologies

Our class met @ the Pratt Manhattan Campus on Tuesdays, 11:30 to 2:20. It was fantastic.

Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams is a first year Pratt graduate student in the Library and Information Science program. Her academic interests include knowledge organization, cataloging and classification, wikidata, and linked data. Sarah is coordinator and research assistant for the Semantic Lab at Pratt.

Andreia Rodrigues Do Amaral

Andreia do Amaral is finishing her first year as a Pratt graduate student in the Museums and Digital Culture (M.S.) Program. Coming from a Brazilian Law background, she is studying to transition to a different field of Arts and Sciences, with particular interest in Museums in the Digital Era.

Mary Mann

Mary Mann’s writing has appeared in the New York Times and Smithsonian, among others, and she’s the author of Yawn: Adventures in Boredom (FSG Originals). She works as a Writing Associate at The Cooper Union, and is a Library and Information Science Masters candidate at Pratt Institute. More information (plus a picture of her dog) is available at mary-mann.com.

Tracy Kubert

Tracy Kubert is a Pratt graduate student in the Communications Design MFA program. Currently studying full-time, she is working on a project-by-project basis, doing a mix of design and UX with a dabble of code. Mother to Ava and wife to Adam, she also has three rescue dogs. They all live together in a brownstone that needs some renovating.